Dear friends,

I would like to share the tentative dates and issues for Malaysia's Stamp for 2012. If any of my readers are interested with any issue, do drop me a mail prior to the issue date. As always, I will be glad to have friendly exchanges.

ThemeDate Issue
Legacy of the Loom 12.01.12
IFNGO (Yes To Life, No To Drugs) 21.03.12
Underwater Life 21.03.12
Installation of 14th DYMM SPBYDP Agong 24.04.12
National Definitive Series 15.05.12
World Gas Conference 2012 4.06.12
Aromatic Plants 21.06.12
Traditional Trades 12.07.12
Malaysian Festivals Series 2 2.08.12
Unity Series II 9.10.12
Postman's Uniform 9.10.12
Woodpecker 22.10.12
Children's Theme ( Hobby ) 5.11.12

WOW.. its been almost a year since I last blog about anything here. I'm truly very sorry for disappointing all my blog followers. Anyway, I'm back and hope to update everyone with my humble thoughts of the philatelic world today.

As for me, I've made alot of key decisions on my beloved passion here. I've finally decided to fully focus on my Eagle collection and hope to come up with an exhibit soon. In addition, I'm trying to keep up with my 1965 Malaysia Bird variety collection. As such, I can be more focus and more importantly, spend my money wisely. LOL.

However, for my beloved cover collector pals, I'm still very much interested with my Bird Covers. Can't let go of that though.

As i'm more focus than ever, appreciate if my readers will let me know if you have any duplicate materials on Eagles. I'm especially interested with postal stationery, postal history, covers, etc. I can always return the favor with Malaysian materials else paying via paypal is always another option for me.

Philately RAWKZZ no matter what happens...

Pos Malaysia Berhad issued a special collection of stamps and first-day covers to commemorate Malaysia's success in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. The stamps include 2 designs with 60 sen denomination. Apart from that. a folder and First Day Cover was issued carrying a price tag of RM5.50 and 30sen


Sheet Content :10 Stamps (Design A), 8 Stamps (Design B)

Paper :SPM Watermarked, Phosphor Coated

Printing Process :Lithography

Printer :Percetakan Keselamatan Sdn Bhd

Stamp Designer :Reign Associates Sdn Bhd



Full Sheet


Before I forget, KUDOS to the young Malaysian team. Its been very long since we tasted success. Hopefully this will be a stepping stone towards greater success in the future.

There will be a stamp fair on 26th February 2011 at our National Museum. The event is from 10.00am to 4.00pm. Activities include stamp exhibition, stamp exchange among collectors, and not forgetting dealers will be present during the event

For any inquiries, kindly contact:
  1. En Zainal Ariffin 019-6175396
  2. Kalsom/Leda/Liyana 017-3709413
I truly appreciate the Government's effort to recognize philately and more importantly promoting philately. Truly a big Kudos and hats off to them. With this, I hope that philately activities in Malaysia will gain more recognition and maybe one day we could have our own International Stamp Fair. :)

Dear friends,

I would like to share the tentative dates and issues for Malaysia's Stamp for 2011. If any of my readers are interested with any issue, do drop me a mail prior to the issue date. As always, I will be glad to have friendly exchanges. LOL...

Theme Date Issue
Children's Pet18.01.2011
Highland Tourist Spot 21.02.2011
Local Spices 03.03.2011
Bujang Valley 11.04.2011
Royal Palace 11.05.2011
Ladybird 16.06.2011
Traditional Dramas 11.07.2011
Rare Monotypic Limesstone Flowers 08.09.2011
Post Boxes 09.10.2011
Aromatic Plants (Stamp Week) 14.11.2011
World Children's Day (Unicef) 01.12.2011
Installation of Sultan Johor TBA
Installation of Sultan Kelantan TBA
30th Anniversary IFNGO TBA
100 Years MMCTBA
Malaysia-Indonesia Joint Issue TBA

* Please take note that all this is subject to change as MCMC has yet to officially endorsed this list.

Above are the tentative dates for the 2011 PSM Stamp Fair. Over the years, I can see that the number of dealers are definitely growing and its really good news for local philatelist. I truly hope we can have a World Class Stamp Fair very soon.

Last but not least, truly hope all of my friends especially locals would fully support the stamp fairs. Cya there!!!!

Maximaphily has definitely been the latest craze of philately. To be frank, I was rather skeptical at first but after much persuasion from friends, I finally decided to give it a try. You know what; its really very interesting and challenging. Getting the right postcard to match the stamp is definitely no easy matter.

Below are my first maxicards for 2011:
I have to agree its not the best but I thought the the rabbit's colour and patches are rather similar. However, the image of human in the card would be more appropriate.

I prefer this maxicard even though I had to sacrifice the ms to make this maxicard. Sadly, a mistake if you notice. OMG, I'm definitely still very amateur. I should have use the stamp to close the word ''HARE". That would definitely been better.

Anyway, I'm really hoping to make more maxicards in the near future and hopefully maxicards of much better quality. Definitely will need help from the experts hence all advice is truly appreciated.


Happy Chinese New Year 2011 to all my dear friends. Wish all of you a prosperous new year and May God bless you and your family always.

Its been quite a while since I last blog and Im very sorry for disappointing my readers. It has been a tiring month for me as I was caught up with a lot of work. Finally manage to have some time for philately as its the Chinese New Year holidays. Not too sure what I should blog about but I guess I should take this opportunity to introduce the latest ISC Catalogue (28th Edition).

Yes, I'm sure most of us prefer SG, Scot or Michel but this is a really good and lets not forget very affordable catalogue for Malaysian collectors. I wouldn't rate it as the best catalogue but I'm sure its good enough for at least beginners.

For those who want a copy of this Catalogue, you can get it from International Stamp & Coins Sdn Bhd for RM76. PSM members are entitled for discount. LOL.

Pos Malaysia Berhad will be issuing a special collection of stamps and first-day covers with regards to Highland Tourist Spot on 21st February 2011. The stamps include 4 designs with 50 sen, 60 sen, 90 sen, and RM1 denomination. Apart from that, a a set of 4 official maxicards will be also issued.

Four Highland Tourist Spot has been chosen and they are,
  1. Kundasang, Sabah
  2. Gunung Mat Cincang, Langkawi, Kedah
  3. Cameron Highlands, Pahang
  4. Bukit Bendera, Pulau Pinang

If you asked me, I definitely love this set of stamps though they have nothing to do with Birds of Preys. LOL. Wonderful designs and I'm looking forward to make some private maxicards.

PS: For those who are interested with this issue, kindly drop me an email. I would love anything with regards to Birds of Prey.

Jan 17, 2011

Trash Mail???

When I saw the newspaper today, I was rather shocked and disturbed by this picture:

Definitely a sad sad scenario in Malaysia. Isn't there any more appreciation for postal services? I truly hope this will never happen again. Though i have to agree that our postal services still needs improvement but this is NO WAY how we treat them.

Anyway, the person who took this picture was actually awarded RM50; what irony?

Jan 16, 2011

Cover From China

Sorry for I rarely have time to prepare any write-ups or posts as I'm currently very very busy with my work. Project is reaching its end phase and alot of ad hoc work is going on. LOL

Anyway, to keep the post going, I would like to share a simple yet beautiful cover from China. This is actually a pre paid cover hence a genuine postal stationery. I simply love the current philatelic scene in China where they have access to so many postal stationeries from prepaid covers to prepaid postcards. Not to mentioned, all the themes in the world; truly a haven for thematic philatelists. KUDOS to China for providing an avenue for all type/level of collectors and philatelist. I truly appreciate the effort.

Hopefully, Malaysia could be like that one day. Lets revive the greatest hobby ever, STAMPS!!!

Pos Malaysia Berhad will be issuing a special collection of stamps and first-day covers with regards to Children's Pet on 18th January 2011. The stamps include 3 designs with 60 sen, 80 sen, and RM1 denomination. Apart from that, a ms with RM5 denomination will be also issued.

Please take note that this will be the first issue for 2011 and its great that there are rabbit for both the stamp and ms as 2011 is the year of the rabbit. I'm very sure the Chinese community truly appreciates POS Malaysia's efforts. Though appreciate that the stamp designers used a retro theme for this issue but it felt abit weird as the children in the stamps truly does not resemble Malaysians. LOL

Stamps 3v

PS: For those who are interested with this issue, kindly drop me an email. I would love anything with regards to Birds of Prey.

I would like to start my 2011 post by sharing a beautiful raptor cover from Romania. Simply love this cover especially the beautiful ms with clear CDS postmark.

2010 has been a very good philatelic year for me; not because I got some rare materials but rather because I met so many good friends along the way. Glad to have known all of you and hopefully we will have many more friendly exchanges.

For friends who are waiting for my reply, please forgive me as I will only be sending covers out this week as December is always a very busy month for me. Thanks for understanding.

A stamp exhibition is held from the 15th Dec 2010 to 15th March 2011 at the National Museum of Malaysia. Frankly, I have no clue what is being exhibited as I didn't know about it until recently. It was rather a surprise but I'm happy that the Government has taken the effort to ensure philately will be an evergreen hobby in Malaysia. I'm sure with a joint effort form all sectors, Philately will make a great comeback in Malaysia.

For those who are interested, please refer to the map below: