Thanks Sonja 4 this very very beautiful poscard depicting the catheral in Augsburg. However, m really dissapointed for the postcard was damaged. Its sad for these postcard directly relates to my Christian theme and would have been a great addition to my Christian philately collection. Hopefully, Sonja can help me wif this... OMG, again showing my greedy side...

Augsburg Cathedral (Dom St. Maria) in Augsburg has the distinction of containing the oldest stained-glass windows in the world. It is also a fine old Romanesque church in its own right, with some fine carvings and altarpieces. The cathedral was begun in 944 AD and given a partial Gothic update in the 14th century. The interior was restored in 1934.

The cathedral's Romanesque stained-glass windows date from the 12th century. Located in the south transept, they depict Old Testament prophets Jonas, Daniel, Hosea and Moses in a severe but colorful style. The 11th-century bronze doors, leading into the three-aisle nave, are adorned with bas-reliefs of a mixture of biblical and mythological characters.
The cathedral's interior contains side altars with altarpieces by Hans Holbein the Elder and Christoph Amberger. The ruins of the original basilica can be seen in the crypt beneath the west chancel. In front of the cathedral are the foundations of St. John's Church (10th century) and remains of the Roman wall.