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Wud like to take this opportunity 2 thank Miss Tasneem from Mauritius for both these very very beautiful FDCs. However both these FDCs cannot be considered a real posted FDC for they are posted after the date of issue. FDCs will only b considered a real posted FDC if and only if they are posted on the same day as the day of issue. This is rather confusing and many philatelist has misunderstood the term Real Posted FDC... I was one of them... lol... Thanks to Riccardo for his time to explain to me on this... Hope my little information here will help all my readers. Nonetheless, thanks Tasneem for both these posted FDC... Love them alot and they are the first FDC I received from Mauritius... From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU...

Traditional Games FDC (7th December 2006)

For the fifth and last issue of postage stamps for 2006, the Mauritius Post Ltd is releasing a set of four stamps on traditional games. Mauritius has a multi cultural population and its traditional games are derived from everyday life and reflect the culture from which they originated. Technological innovations have greatly influenced the history of children's games and as a result some games are becoming less popular and often lost their entertainment value. Sapsiwaye, marbles, hopscotch and kite flying are particularly popular age-old games that require less-specialized equipment and preparation. In order to preserve their entertainment value and inspire todays and future generations, the Mauritius Post Ltd is issuing a set of postage stamps on these games.

Mauritius Ecology FDC (5th June 2006)
Before writting on the details, wud like to express how dissapointed was I to see the registered sticker on the RS10 stamp. Its really sad that a beautiful FDC has to vandalized by people working in the post office. Though I sincerely understand that they have loads of work, but please try understand and help us, philatelist. All this small details are the area that makes philately so interesting... I really hope and pray that this kinda vandalism (sorry if im using too harsh of a word) wont happen to any philatelist around the world...

Mauritius has always found itself on the front line regarding ecology and environment protection. Successive governments have been taking steps for the conservation of the environment as well as the protection of agricultural products.

Rs2 : Biological Control Locust Predation 1763
Rs8 : Fish Repopulation Artificial Reefs 1980
Rs10 : Erosion Control Terraces in Rodrigues 1958
Rs25 : First Captive Breeding of Giant Tortoises 1881
FDC illustration
The First Day Cover illustrates the Environment Protection Act ? 2002 and the envelope is of recycled paper.
Technical details Designer: Nurveen Ratty
Printer: BDT International Security Printing
Stamp size: 27.94 x 44.45 mm
Perforation: 14
Gum: PVA
Paper: CA Watermarked
Sheet Format: 50 stamps set in two panes of 25
Release Date: 5 June 2006
Denominations: Rs2, Rs8, Rs10, Rs25


PS: Dear Tasneem, trully enjoyed the trades wif u... hope u will start trading soon... drop me a mail and comment when u r ready 2 trade again... tc and gbu.