This is certainly a pleasant surprise for these friendly exchange was not one that was arranged b4 hand. Thanks Ahmet Demir for this beautiful cover. Just disappointed that the top left corner stamp was damaged or this would certainly b a very very good cover. Nway, still like the cover alot. Hope u like the cover I send u too. Tried to match your bird cover with Bird stamps from Malaysia. LOL

PS: Dear Ahmet, hope to hear more from u and many more friendly exchanges with u.


Donata said...

Very nice cover :)

ShrikantModh said...

Hello, Would you like to exchange links?
Please add my BLOG:

I will put your link in my blog.
Just leave me a message when your done.

ronny said...

Dear Donata,
yup...indeed a very nice cover. Ur covers look great too and are always my personal favorites...

Dear ShrikantModh,
I've add ur link to my blog and hope u will do the same. tq