Jun 9, 2009

Postcard From China

Love this postcard from SuYue very very much especially with so many bird stamps but wud appreciate it if the stamps are stick properly. Hope all my readers can do me a favour when sending philately materials to me, pls make sure the stamps are stick properly for they are prone to be damage when send. Cant blame the postmen on this for we shud understand that stamps are so fragile that tearing them can sometimes b done by just a flick of the finger. Tats why I hope that all philatelist will make sure the stamps are stick and press properly before sending them. Better chance of surviving. LOL

The stamps depict the Taiwan Yuhina (Yuhina Bruneiceps) and was issued in 2006.

Thanks Su Yue and hope v can have many more friendly exchanges in the future... Mayb stamps? lol