Thanks Vera for this very beautiful stylized cover using only the stylized owl stamps and the Earth Hour Cover. This will b a great addition to my Bird Cover Collection. Simply superb and creative especially the idea of having the owl stamps to match the owl cover.

After discussion with Vera, I've cleared my doubt on whether this particular stamp is considered a Bird Stamp. In our humble opinion, its a NO. The reasons is we cannot b sure on the species of the bird. The animated owl might look like a barn owl but the barn owl doesn't have ear tufts. So what is it?

Take a look at all the barn owl pictures on this site.

Tat is why we wouldn't include the stamp as a Bird Stamp but rather categorized it as a Stylized Bird Stamp. However, this is strictly our opinion and every philatelist has the rights to categorized stamps to their liking. The objective here is always to have fun while collecting. LOL

PS: Thanks Vera for the advice and lesson o birds. Truly appreciate it alot.