Aug 1, 2009

Cover From Italy

Thanks Riccardo for this very beautiful cover. This is truly an example of a very good cover regardless the fact that it is only franked with one stamp. Im sure Holger (Cover Guru) will agree. LOL..

The quality of a cover is not judged on the number of stamps but rather it is judged based on the quality of the stamp or stamps, perfect HAND cancelled postmarks, air label, and the condition of the cover itself. Riccardo uses a hard cardboard inside to ensure the cover will not be damaged. Besides that, neat hand writting is a BONUS. More stamps? That will obviously be a BIG BONUS for me and even better if they are of my themes.

However, yet again I have to stressed everyone collects cover on a different basis. Some wants cover that is franked with stamps regarding their theme, some look for postmarks while some insists to have the correct postage. Whatever one's interest is, cover collecting is very exciting and truly adds spice to the world of PHILATELY.

PS: Holger, if you are following my blog, thanks for advicing me so much on covers... You see, Im actually learning... LOL