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Thanks Edy for this beautiful Bird Cover and 21st Asian International Stamp Exhibition ms. Simply love them alot. Truly a great addition to my Bird collection. This particular ms features the Golden-fronted Bowerbird ( Amblyornis flavifrons).


The Golden-fronted Bowerbird, Amblyornis flavifrons is a medium-sized, approximately 24cm long, brown bowebird. The male is rufous brown with an elongated golden crest extending from its golden forehead, dark grey feet and buffish yellow underparts. The female is an unadorned olive brown bird.

An Indonesian endemic, the male builds a tower-like "maypole-type" bower decorated with colored fruit.

Originally described in 1895 based on trade skins, this elusive bird remained a mystery for nearly a hundred years, until 1981 when the American scientist Jared Diamond discovered the home ground of the Golden-fronted Bowerbird at Foja Mountains in Papua.

In December 2005, led by Bruce Beehler, an international team of eleven scientists from the US, Australia and Indonesia traveled to the unexplored areas of Foja Mountains and took the first photographs of the bird.

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21st Asian International Stamp Exhibition ms

A very beautiful ms that features Casuarius Casuari.

  • Casuarius Casuarius
    The Southern Cassowary, also known as Double-wattled Cassowary or Two-wattled Cassowary. It has a large flightless black bird with hard and stiff plumage, a brown casque, blue face and neck, red nape and two red wattles hanging down its throat. The three-toad feed are thick and powerful, equipped with a lethal dagger-like claw on the inner toe. This flightless black bird is can be found in tropical rainforests of Aru and Seram Islands of Indonesia, Irian (Papua) and Northeastern Australia. It forages on the forest floor for fallen fruit.
    Scientific Classification:
    • Kingdom: Animalia
    • Filum: Chordata
    • Class: Aves
    • Order: Struthioniformes
    • Family: Casuariidae
    • Genus: Casuarius
    • Species: C. casuarius

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