Thanks to my dear friend, Rodolphe Flecheau, I got a very beautiful cover from France franked with a stamp from the great artist J.J.Audubon. Simply lovely though I would prefer only Bird stamps on the cover. LOL, I know I can be very greedy most of the time.. Inside the cover was a very beautiful FDC.



What a lovely FDC on Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris (Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame) issued on 26th September 1981. I love the FDC alot for it truly compliments my Church theme. Hope to get more materials on Churches around the world.


The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris (Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame), located in the Fourth Distric, is one of the cathedrals oldest French Gothic style, was begun in 1163 and was completed in 1245. Dedicated to Mary, Mother of Jesus (hence the name Notre Dame, Notre Dame), sits in the tiny IIle de la Cite in Paris, France, which is surrounded by the river Seine.

The cathedral appears intimately tied to the idea of Gothic splendor, a clear effect on the needs and aspirations of society at the time, a new approach to the cathedral as a building contact and spiritual ascent. The architecture Gothic is a powerful tool within a society that sees, in the beginning of the 11 centurey, transformed urban life at an accelerated pace. The city re-emerges with utmost importance in the political field, in the economic field (mirror of the growing trade relationship), rising also, for its part, the bourgeoisie and the influence of wealthy clergy center. The result is a substitution also needs religious building outside the cities, rural communities monarchical for the new symbol of urban prosperity, the Gothic cathedral. And in answer to the search for a new dignity growing within France, there is the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris.

Stresses particularly the magnificent Cavaille-Coll organ, being the place of organist of Notre-Dame one of the highest honors that can aspire to an organist. This place was occupied by the great French organist and composer Louis Vierne between 1900 and 1937, when it is remembered as the greatest splendor of the Cathedral as a center of artistic and musical.