Sep 5, 2009

Covers From Taiwan

Below are 3 very beautiful Taiwan covers I received last week. Thanks to all my friends for all these beautiful covers. Its great to receive all 3 covers the same time. LOL...

First of all, thank you, James for another big surprise for me. You certainly never fail to amazed me every time. Yet another beautiful cover with many Taiwan Bird MNH set from my friend James. Thanks alot and I truly hope you will like the surprise I send u this time.

Above is a cover from Ching-Yi. Thanks for helping me out here. Simple yet beautiful. Sadly the cancellation isn't very clear. Anyway, thanks alot my friend.

This is certainly a surprise from George. A very beautiful PHILAKOREA 2009 cover and cancellation (Maroon cancellation) that is franked by Taiwan stamps. The cancellation is also perfect. Truly another example of a good cover with very special touch to it. However, if only the stamps used was depicting birds only, then it will surely be a great compliment to my Bird Cover Collection. Anyway, thanks George for a wonderful cover.