Philatelic Society of Malaysia (PSM) organized a very successful Stamp Fair yet again from 26-09-09 to 27-09-09. It was truly a great effort to have stamp fairs like this to promote Philately in Malaysia. KUDOS to PSM. Hopefully, one day we could have an International Stamp Fair too. Im waiting for it....

It was truly a great experience for me as it turn out to be a very educative Fair for me particularly on Exhibition. What else can I say and ask for? I was advice by the very best my country could offer. BIG THANKS to Mr Yee, Mr Senthilnathan, Mr. Clifford, Mr. Ngoh and all others who have advice and guided me on my philately journey. I truly understand that my journey is still very long, but with guidance like this, Im sure I will reach my destination one day. HAHAHA

Many dealers and collectors were there to sell and some even trade their collections. Even, POS MALAYSIA was there. I was lucky and happy to get some very very good bargains. This, Ive to personally thank Mr. Clifford for his help.

Mr Yee gave us a glimpse of his beautiful Maxicards that is truly a growing trend in Malaysia. Im sure most of us, local and foreign would certainly know Mr Yee who is an International Juror for Stamp Exhibition. I've certainly benefited from the chat with Mr Yee and THANKS for the materials you have prepared for me. Now, Im more focus and clear of the direction to take. Hope to have more discussions with you and I will certainly need your guidance throughout my journey.

Besides the fair, PSM held their monthly auction in the morning. A variety of materials were on auction and the color shift postcard was one of the interesting materials but what caught my eye was the 1965 blocks of four $10 (Pitta). Too bad, didnt have the budget for that. HaHAHA... Mayb next time...

Photos by: Clifford Wong


Praise2004 said...

Thank you for your sharing. Eventhough i can't be there, however, i still can feel the excited moment of the event that you all had.

ronny said...

Dear Praise2004,
more than happy to share my journey with everyone.