This is yet another very interesting bird cover I got from Nasia last year. As ive mentioned a number of times, a quality cover will have the following:

1) Clear postmark (at least one of the postmark in the middle)
2) Correct Postage Rate at that particular time
3) A complete set of stamp will be a bonus (additional stamps are preferably put at the back to avoid mis match themes)
4) Registered covers are always a favourite among cover collectors.

One interesting thing on this cover is the 'India Registered Label'. What happen? Was it a mistake by the Postal Staff? I doubt it took a detour to India as there aren't any signs that shows that. Normally, there will be a hand stamped "Mis-sent" and signatured by the postal authority. Hopefully, my readers can help me out here.

Anyway, thanks alot my dear friend, nasia and hopefully we can have many more exchanges in the near future. Sorry Ive not kept in contact but promise to get really active now. Hopefully you too can help me with Cyprus Eagle Philatelic Materials. HAHAHA


Anonymous said...

Hi Ronny,

A little comment on no 3. A complete set sometimes indicates contriving or philatelic. So I would rather have a cover with multiple of a same stamp (a large multiple cover)

Anyway it is just an opinion hehe

Johnson Sau

Nasia said...

Hi Ronny, it's great to see your blog! I just want to comment that in Cyprus you are not allowed to put stamps on the back of the cover.

ronny said...

Dear Johnson,

Hahaha.. U notice that.. yes, I understand that a complete set of stamp can be contriving but I guess when it comes to cover exchanges, Im actually more for the friendship gained than finding a 'GEM'... HAHAHA.

Definitely, when u take into account a cover purist, its a different ball game:

1. Correct postage rate
2. Handwritten/Type writer (No stickers please)
3. Clear postmark (some try to avoid FDC mark)
4. Registered cover is preferred
5. Miscellaneous markings like miss sent, etc are a bonus
6. most modern cover purist only collect C6 covers
7. Rule of thumb: must not look contriving

But for a guy who is just having fun, a complete set is definitely very beautiful to keep. Hahaha.

Anyway, thanks for the constructive comments.

PS: Sorry if ive convey the wrong info.. hahaha

ronny said...

Dear Nasia,

thanks for the compliments and looking forward to more friendly exchanges with you.

And yes not all countries allow putting stamps on the back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronny,

No la, I am also to have fun haha, but maybe I am more "obedient" to these rules. BTW wat is C6?

stickers for me is OK, cause, this reflects how the society post its letter.

I am just a beginner for collecting covers, so I am also earning from everyone including you as well!

Johnson Sau

ronny said...

Dear Johnson,

"Earning???" LOL..

I guess we are all learning and having fun all the way. However, I definitely need your advice when it comes to exhibition. Really hope u dont mind.

Btw, love your exhibit and congrats on MyStampShow2010. really hope to learn more from you are the finer aspects of exhibition.


Anonymous said...

Ooopss a big boo boo... "L"earning haha

We could always meet up and have discussion when we are free. Btw I am now based in Serdang, can meet up during the weekends when free!