Jun 28, 2010

Covers Galore!!!

Its been a long time since I posted on covers Ive received from friends all over the world. For those who thought that Ive given up having friendly exchanges, i can assure you that I will never let this go as cover exchanges and postcrossing has brought me so many close friends around the world. Something I never thought possible before this.

Over my very very busy past months, Ive received so many covers but only about a month ago, I could actually find time to reply. I definitely cant post all the covers received as there are just too many but I promised to post covers that are very interesting with much focus given to covers on my themes and not forgetting covers from countries Ive never got before. Sorry to my dear friends if I didnt post all your covers but I know all of you will understand my situation. However, all covers received in the future will definitely be posted.

Please enjoy:

Interesting Covers Ive received

Covers Ive send last week
Im slowly increasing the covers Im sending out as I need to reply all the covers that Ive received during my wedding month. Ive actually replied most of them but if Ive missed anyone, please kindly remind me.

As of now, Im very very focus on Eagle Philatelic Materials from MNH stamps, postal stationeries to postmarks. I really hope all of my readers will keep me in mind if you come across any interesting materials. I can always provide Malaysian materials regardless of which era and if the eagle materials are too expensive, I can always be a willing buyer. HAHAHA