Me and my wife decided to join the FUN at GPO Kuala Lumpur today as the new Brave Warrior stamps were issued. Besides that, POS Malaysia was having a clearance sales. The crowd was definite good today but didnt really agree on how POS Malaysia conducted the sales for the FDCs. We would have preffered them to have a booth rather than having people queuing; waiting for their turns. Definitely seem a little unfair. LOL...

Anyway, would like to share some photos:

Early Birds


Familiar Faces

Philatelic Counter: Annual Stamp Albums

Philatelic Counter: Stamp Display

Last but not least, it was a good day for me and my wife. Posted some beautiful covers, made some private MCs, met up with Stamp Buddies, and also got some goodies for my philatelic friends all over the world. Most of all, had a GOOD DATE with my beloved wife at the GPO.. LOL...

PS: Really appreciate my wife, Pamela for being with me even when I'm indulging in my Philatelic needs... HAHAHA


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