Aug 26, 2010


Snapshot From the Star Newspaper

The Star Newspaper reported that Malaysia's oldest Hindu temple - the Sri Maha Mariamman temple has been given the honour of being the first ever to be portrayed on a postage stamp. The question is "HOW TRUE IS THE NEWS?"

Ive checked with POS Malaysia and they definitely didn't issue any stamps with regards to the temple. So, is this a BOGUS issue?

Nope but most probably its a personalized stamp. My concern is on how can a personalized stamp be considered the first ever to be portrayed on a postage stamp? This is certainly a big concern in the world of philately. Just imagine everyone starts printing personalized stamps and claims that it is the first in the world. That will be weird. LOL

Another mistake is that Sri Maha Mariamman temple has been depicted on the 50 sen stamp of Visit Malaysia Year issue (19th March 2007). In this case, whether or not its a personalized stamp, the facts are still wrong. LOL

Sri Maha Mariamman temple is depicted on the bottom left of the stamp

Besides that, International Philatelic Bloggers has started to blog about the issue and one of them is my friend from Pakistan. We can't blame anyone as it was published in the newspaper.

IMHO, the press should validate such news before publishing. I've got a few request for the stamps from friends and to be frank, I was shock to hear about this issue in the first place.