Its been 53 years since we got our independence on 31st August 1957. This year, Bukit Jalil Stadium was selected as the venue to celebrate and commemorate this glorious day. Malaysia is definitely very unique especially with a diverse culture. Speaking on that, I guess I'm a living example of a true Malaysian... LOL. I'm blessed to be a Chindian; my dad is Chinese while my mum is Indian. HAHAHA

With regards to philately, POS Malaysia has issued numerous philatelic materials. However, one of the area that has gained a lot of interest over the years are the 1957 Merdeka First Day Cover Collection. Talking on this, I guess on the most memorable event was in 2007 when a philatelic exhibition was held in Penang in conjuction with the 50th Merdeka Anniversary. The historic stamps and covers, some from private collections, was exhibited for a month on the first floor of the double-storey museum.

This particular collection is very interesting as it consists of both official covers and private covers. More importantly, it gives great pride to the collector for having something that is close to the heart of all Malaysia; a piece of history itself.

Samples of Official FDCs

Sample of Private FDC

PS: I guess any collection can be great if you put your HEART to it. It does not always need a heavy investment to have a collection you can be proud of. Just enjoy the hobby and I'm sure with time, we will have a collection that stands out.