Aug 10, 2010


Its a SAD SAD day for me as my beautiful covers from Nicaragua was vandalized. Come on, of all the things why vandalized my covers? Its so disappointing as i was eagerly waiting for these beautiful covers and this is what I got:

I know my dear friend, Dr Jean has done all he could to prepare these beautiful covers. I'm so disappointed and went to complain to the management but what I got from them, "Its only a Cover, don't worry too much". Thats really hurting. I'm just so sad they don't understand how important covers are too us... I guess I got to accept this and pray this NIGHTMARE will end.


Firstdaycover said...

Anything can be happen in Malaysia Post! Malaysia BOLEH!

ronny said...

Dear Firstdaycover,

LOL. u got a good point there but i suspect someone in my apartment did it. OMG, please stop this vandalism.

Dorincard said...

Try asking your partners to enclose the covers in a transparent bag, right after getting the postmark and after drying that ink with paper towel.
A thick ziploc type (re-sealable) bag is the best because POS could take the cover out, put the arrival postmark, if that's the case in Malaysia, then put it back inside. Plus you protect from rain, etc.