My beloved wife, Pame buying PAM Labels

After such a long time, POS Malaysia finally released the new Pos Automated Machine (PAM) Labels on 3rd November 2009. Basically, there are five values from 30sen, 40sen, 50sen, RM1, and RM2. We can also select other values by selecting "Other Values" with 10sen being the minimum limit. This is definitely what Malaysians need as we dont really need to wait for long queues just to get stamps. Its also great news for local philatelist as PAM Labels finally provide us another area to study. Being around for the last 9 months or so, PAM has truly provided a number of varieties for users. As for me, Im not really focus on this area as there's no birds on the PAM labels or mayb u can argue that the POS Label has a bird after all.. Ooops, i got to rethink on this. LOL...

Thermal paper is being used, whereas laser beam is used to create the printing on the paper. In addition, PAM are self-adhesive hence provides great convenience. Some info on the 13 digits at the bottom of the denomination:


Indicates the machine number (eg. 001, the machine 001 is located at GPO Kuala Lumpur)

Indicates the date (230810 = 23rd August 2010)

Indicates that the label is 864th print of that day

Postcards with PAM labels

Cover with PAM Labels
PS: If anyone is interested with PAM labels from Malaysia, please don't hesitate to drop me a mail.