Pos Malaysia Berhad will be issuing a special collection of stamps and first-day covers with regards to Traditional Festive Food on 10th August 2010.

There will be 5 design each for the 80 sen denomination to continue the current trend of se-tenant stamps. Besides that, there will be yet another booklet. The interesting thing is that both the stamps from the sheetlets and booklet are a PERFECT MATCH. I'm sure many FDC collector will be creating FDCs as shown in the poster. Ooops, this means the booklet will definitely be gone in no time. LOL

In addition, there will be another odd shape ms. Seems to be another trend with PoS Malaysia. Im sure that it will be a HOT item also.

STAMP SET 5v :RM4.00
M/S :RM3.00
Cover: 30 sen

Stamps from sheets (above) and from booklet (below)

PS: See you guys at Dayabumi. Hopefully, I can find some postcards to be made maxicards this time around.


Firstdaycover said...

I don't think this will be a hot issue. The topic itself really too common and nothing special.

ronny said...

agree. topic wise definitely a BIG NO but we have to take into account a few things:

1)MS - odd shape stamp collector will be interested
2)Booklet - always seems to be a favorite even for non-thematic collector
3) the fact that people will use both sheet & booklet stamps to make interesting FDC is inevitable.

However, I have to agree HOT is too big of a word to be used. my mistake there. Im sure it will not create chaos like the KTM issue but definitely its beautiful enough to attract non philatelist also.. LOL

thanks for your comments though.