Cover with pictorial cancellation

Dear friends. I'm very sorry for the delay in my updates. I was in my hometown for a short break. Just needed some time to relax after a rather tiring yet exciting months with work. It was truly a timely yet needed break for both me and my wife. We had a great time in Taiping; its good to be out of the "concrete jungle" and be in a real one...

Anyway, this time around I will like to share 2 very beautiful covers from Argentina. Yes, it is a Football Cover commemorating the World Cup in South Africa. Though being a a big fan of Brazil, I still have the upmost respect for Argentina led by Diego Maradona as the coach. What a combination; a country which actually live and breath football was led by an icon who took the world by storm, Diego Maradona. In addition, with Lionel Messi in the team, who dares to under estimate them. It was definitely looking to be one of the most memorable world cup ever.

Sadly, my world cup ended early when Brazil lost in the semi final though I still believe Brazil played one of the best football during the world cup. Even worst, Argentina also lost to Germany. That is really sad as I was hoping for a Brazil - Argentina final. It would have been a dream come true for me (especialy when Brazil wins... LOL) Guess i need to wait for 2014 in Brazil. Wow, Brazil winning their 6 title in their own turf... OMG, Ive started to dream.

Anyway, back to the covers. Simply lovely covers as they depict only one theme. This is an important criteria for a philatelic cover but definitely not a neccesity for a postal cover. I look forward to have more friendly exchanges with friends from Argentina. If possible, please send me a bird cover next time... HAHAHA.. I know i can be greedy.

Beautiful cover with the correct postage rate

PS: To all my friends, I'm hoping to get at least one Bird Cover from all over the world.