Oct 6, 2010

Cover From TAAF

This time around I would like to share a very interesting cover from the Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF). Its definitely my first cover from Juan de Nova island. Check out the coordinates on the cover; certainly an added bonus. By the way Juan de Nova island is located in the district of Iles Eparses (Scattered Islands in the Indian Ocean). A little info on TAAF:

Location of Scattered Islands in the Indian Ocean

The French Southern and Antarctic Lands (French: Terres australes et antarctiques françaises, abbreviated TAAF), full name Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (French: Territoire des Terres australes et antarctiques françaises), consist of:
  • A group of volcanic islands in the southern Indian Ocean, southeast of Africa, approximately equidistant between Africa, Antarctica and Australia;
  • Adelie Land, the French claim on the Antarctica continent;
  • The Scattered islands in the Indian Ocean.

The territory is also often called the French Southern Lands (French: Terres australes françaises) or French Southern Territories, which excludes Adélie Land where French sovereignty is not recognized internationally. The lands are not connected to France Antarctique, a former French colony in Brazil.

The territory has no permanent population ; the population consists of military personnel, civilian officials, scientific researchers and support staff. Some of the territory's exclusive economic zone is of great importance for fishing.

The French Southern and Antarctic Lands have formed a territoire d'outre-mer (an overseas territory) of France since 1955. Formerly, they were administered from Paris by an administrateur supérieur assisted by a secretary-general; since December 2004, however, their administrator has been a préfet, currently Rollon Mouchel-Blaisot, with headquarters in Saint-Pierre on Réunion Island.

The territory is divided into five districts:
- Iles Saint Paul et Amsterdam
- Archipel Crozet
- Archipel des Kerguelen
- Terre Adelie
- Iles Eparses


Anonymous said...

Hi, great cover and interesting destination. Mind to share how to obtain this cover? So that more collectors can share the joys.

ronny said...

Dear friend,

Sorry for the late late reply. To be frank, I dont have friends from TAAF but a friend who visited the islands send me the cover. Lucky me. LOL...

With regards to general covers, there are many online sites like stampboards, stamp community, myphilately, and the list goes on and on... But IMHO, the best way to get interesting covers are from blogs and fb.

Hope this helps and looking forward to hear more from you. Appreciate your advice and comments.