Oct 3, 2010

A Wonderful Surprise

Sierra Leone definitely brings much negative feedbacks when it comes to philately especially when they flooded the philatelic scene with topical wallpaper since mid 1980s. However, we cannot deny the fact that this tiny West African nation issued the world's first self-adhesive stamps in 1964 and again they were one of the early birds to adapt shape cut postage stamps.

I'm not a great fan of Sierra Leone die cut stamps but the 1967 die cut Eagle stamp has definitely caught my attention. Being a thematic collector of Birds of Prey specifically Eagles, to get one of this die cut stamp on cover would be great. I was trying to look for one in eBay and Delcampe but never had any luck. It just might be solely because Sierra Leone philatelic materials are just not a favorite among philatelist.

Then, one fine day, Martin mailed me that he would like to sen me a cover that was in his father's collection. I'm sorry for him as his dad passed away recently and decided to pass me the above cover. I have to agree it is not the rarest of cover or a pricey one but I'm really glad that someone actually remembered me. For me, thats a definitely a BIG WIN for philately. As Ive mentioned numerous times, philately was and is never about getting the most expensive materials but rather its about bringing people together. Thanks to philately, I found a new friend in Martin. Thank God for that.

I love the cover alot as it is a genuine postal cover sent from Sierra Leone to the Barclays Bank in Yorkshire, England in 1968. I personally love the clear postmark and if you notice even the air label is clearly stamped. I'm not too sure if the postage rate is correct but I'm quite sure its very close. Some feedbacks on the correct postage will be great.

Though for many philatelist, this is only a very normal cover but for me, its something I will cherish for life as it reminds me on how philately can bring people a far together. In addition, this cover definitely sits perfectly in my Eagle Collection.