This is my first cover from Trinidad and Tobago. However, sadly I'm not able to contact the sender as he only provided me with his email. I've email him numerous times but yet to get any reply hence I hope my readers could help me out here. I'm sure some of you would recognized his hand writing. Please provide me his address as I'm really not comfortable if I dont reply him. As cover collectors, we certainly know covers from countries like Trinidad and Tobago is much sort after and definitely dont come by too often especially to Asian countries like Malaysia. I truly appreciate his help and would love to send some philatelic materials in return.

Yes, agreed that most of the time I tend to reply rather late due to my busy work schedule but I can assure all of you, I will always make sure all covers I got are replied with materials of the same or higher quality.

PS: If the sender is following my blog, please drop me an email angelic_ryder[@]
I would love to have many more friendly exchanges with you, my friend.