Yes. I was in Singapore for a Business trip. Thanks to Terence, I got to know that some of the Post Offices in Singapore actually opens till 9pm. OMG, thats truly what Malaysia needs especially for people like me. I normally have to stay back in office till very late; moreover taking work back home seems inevitable all the time. It will be great if POS Malaysia could adopt this from our neighbours; I'm sure both locals and foreigners will appreciate it alot.

Sadly, I didnt have the chance to do any stamp shopping. I had alot of plans but again I have to remind myself that it was a business trip. This time around Business comes first. LOL. Anyway, Ive to thank my beloved wife as she took the initiative to visit the Novena Post Office which is near the hotel we were staying. Yes, she send out about 10 covers to friends she knew. So, for those who got the cover from Singapore, I truly hope all of you will like them alot as this is my wife's first try to send covers. Fingers cross, I hope she got all of u beautiful covers.

Novena Post Office

Again, I'm really sorry that I couldnt send covers to all but promise to do so when we visit Singapore again. That time around, it would definitely be for holidays.

PS: Pame's farmville buddies will definitely get a cover from Singapore. LOL