This is my first cover from Chile. Love the postmarks and beautiful stamps. Most of all, I appreciate registered covers. Not too sure about the labels though. hope someone can help me with the labels. My wild guess would be air labels but 3 types seems dubious. If anyone is familiar with Chile Air Labels, kindly enlighten me. I'm sure everyone else will be interested too.


Nasia said...

Hi Ronnie,

The pink label is an Airmail one and the other two are priority mail labels if I read correctly. In my examples (two postcards)only the green one was used.

Merry Christmas,

ronny said...

Dear Nasia,

Thanks for enlightening me. Wish u a blessed Christmas and may Jesus bless u always.

warmest regards,

Anonymous said...

Pink label means airmail, there is a violet label that means surface travel mail.
The green one means International priority letter, the other one means moreover 'registered'.