A lovely registered FDC from Myanmar. I love the cover very much as its a genuine FDC posted from Myanmar. I guess all philatelist will love covers from Myanmar. In addition, the ms is cancelled correctly. What do I mean?

Not all will agree with me but if you ask my opinion, I believe a ms has to be cancelled both on the stamp (refer to the CDS) and on the cover itself (refer to the blue cancel). This is because you can always used a CTO on the cover and if you ask me that is not genuine. Franking a cover with CTO is practiced in many countries even in Malaysia. Though many collectors/philatelist take lightly of this scenario, I tend to appreciate if friends could put 2 cancels on a ms.

I would like to know what others think about this? Please comment.


aTis said...

I was sending polar MS to friend of mine on 10-10-10 and asked in post office to put cancellations also not only on stamps but on side of the mini sheet. And she answered that by internal post regulations (here in Latvia) they are not allowed to put any cancellations not on stamps. But thankfully at least for that cover we agreed to make an exception and this ended with clearly visible date of 10-10-2010 on white cover background and on the side of mini sheet.

ronny said...

dear aTis,

Thanks for the comment and sharing on the situation in Latvia. I have to agree that the stamp in the ms has to be cancelled. However, from a philatelist/collector point of view, the ms could just be a CTO that was reused. Hence, I prefer if the side of the ms is cancelled also. this would at least prove that the ms is genuinely used.

Anyway, I appreciate your effort to help your friend. I guess we need more friends like u.


dear ronny,
happynew year to you and pamela.
i think i do not agree about 2
cancellations for MS. When a
MS is cancelled it stays cancelled even if a single impression is made on the MS whether on the stamp or edge. the MS itself will explain that the edges aside the perforations [like vellum paper] also form part of the MS n to be taken a single piece. so naturally the MS would be a single piece of stamp.



here in india also, a second cancellation is refused when there is no stamp on the cover etc., but some people get it done. i do not
know how

ronny said...

Dear Uncle,

Thanks for the comments. appreciate it alot. anyway, will try to come up with a writeup on this and hopefully all of us can comment on this grey area of philately. :)

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