Jan 16, 2011

Cover From China

Sorry for I rarely have time to prepare any write-ups or posts as I'm currently very very busy with my work. Project is reaching its end phase and alot of ad hoc work is going on. LOL

Anyway, to keep the post going, I would like to share a simple yet beautiful cover from China. This is actually a pre paid cover hence a genuine postal stationery. I simply love the current philatelic scene in China where they have access to so many postal stationeries from prepaid covers to prepaid postcards. Not to mentioned, all the themes in the world; truly a haven for thematic philatelists. KUDOS to China for providing an avenue for all type/level of collectors and philatelist. I truly appreciate the effort.

Hopefully, Malaysia could be like that one day. Lets revive the greatest hobby ever, STAMPS!!!


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