Dear friends,

I would like to share the tentative dates and issues for Malaysia's Stamp for 2011. If any of my readers are interested with any issue, do drop me a mail prior to the issue date. As always, I will be glad to have friendly exchanges. LOL...

Theme Date Issue
Children's Pet18.01.2011
Highland Tourist Spot 21.02.2011
Local Spices 03.03.2011
Bujang Valley 11.04.2011
Royal Palace 11.05.2011
Ladybird 16.06.2011
Traditional Dramas 11.07.2011
Rare Monotypic Limesstone Flowers 08.09.2011
Post Boxes 09.10.2011
Aromatic Plants (Stamp Week) 14.11.2011
World Children's Day (Unicef) 01.12.2011
Installation of Sultan Johor TBA
Installation of Sultan Kelantan TBA
30th Anniversary IFNGO TBA
100 Years MMCTBA
Malaysia-Indonesia Joint Issue TBA

* Please take note that all this is subject to change as MCMC has yet to officially endorsed this list.