Maximaphily has definitely been the latest craze of philately. To be frank, I was rather skeptical at first but after much persuasion from friends, I finally decided to give it a try. You know what; its really very interesting and challenging. Getting the right postcard to match the stamp is definitely no easy matter.

Below are my first maxicards for 2011:
I have to agree its not the best but I thought the the rabbit's colour and patches are rather similar. However, the image of human in the card would be more appropriate.

I prefer this maxicard even though I had to sacrifice the ms to make this maxicard. Sadly, a mistake if you notice. OMG, I'm definitely still very amateur. I should have use the stamp to close the word ''HARE". That would definitely been better.

Anyway, I'm really hoping to make more maxicards in the near future and hopefully maxicards of much better quality. Definitely will need help from the experts hence all advice is truly appreciated.



nice cards
always try to
get the best.


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