WOW.. its been almost a year since I last blog about anything here. I'm truly very sorry for disappointing all my blog followers. Anyway, I'm back and hope to update everyone with my humble thoughts of the philatelic world today.

As for me, I've made alot of key decisions on my beloved passion here. I've finally decided to fully focus on my Eagle collection and hope to come up with an exhibit soon. In addition, I'm trying to keep up with my 1965 Malaysia Bird variety collection. As such, I can be more focus and more importantly, spend my money wisely. LOL.

However, for my beloved cover collector pals, I'm still very much interested with my Bird Covers. Can't let go of that though.

As i'm more focus than ever, appreciate if my readers will let me know if you have any duplicate materials on Eagles. I'm especially interested with postal stationery, postal history, covers, etc. I can always return the favor with Malaysian materials else paying via paypal is always another option for me.

Philately RAWKZZ no matter what happens...


juan said...

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Juan Lopez said...

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welcome again.
hope we can swap again


are you back how are you

Kevin Miller said...

Hi Ron,
It is totally understandable that sometimes we tend to become very busy in our everyday lives offline. It’s really great that you have decided to focus on your Eagle collection. I wish you can schedule an exhibit, or if you have already done it, maybe you can share with us a picture or two of the exhibition. I agree that sometimes, we tend to overspend on what we love, but that’s what makes us happy, right? I agree with you, I also tend to overspend when I get carried away with buying awesome stamps, hehe. A great site I can tell you where you can find Eagle stamps is Go to their Catalogue, and then go to Advanced Search, and in Motive: Fauna, Birds, Eagles. I am sure you will enjoy your time there!