The postage stamp is a flimsy thing
No thicker than a beetle's wing
And yet it will roam the world for you
Exactly where you tell it to - EV Lucas

It has been years since i had the urge to blog. However, i guess the urge and need was not strong enough that it has to wait until now. If u ask y now? The answer would be my love for philately. Stamp collecting has been with me ever since. However, I lost touch with it as time pass by until an unexpected visit to the Malaysia Stamp Week 2008. I couldn't explain the adrenaline rush but one thing was sure, philately grows towards completion, it is something that can't be taken from us.

I'm dedicating this blog towards my love for philately mattering not whether it's stamps, FDC, covers or even postcards. Do send me stamps (mint or used in sets), FDC, cover or postcards, and I'll surely reply you with one.