1 Unique Birds of Malayisa 21st Jan
2 Silver Jubilee of the Reign of DYMM Sultan of Perak 3rd Feb
3 Traditional Wedding Costumes 3rd Mar
4 Tourist Spots - Heritage Sites 9th Apr
5 Engineering Excellence in National Building April
6 Palm Tree Species 19th May
7 Conservation of Environment 4th Jun
8 Traditional Houses 9th Jul
9 Brave Warriors 23rd Jul
10 Tuber Plants 3th Aug
11 Malaysian Unity - Series II 27th Aug
12 State Definitive Stamps Series Collection 9th Sep
13 Arachnid - Stamp Week 2009 9th Oct
14 Caring Society 20th Oct
15 Malaysia-Iran Joint Issue 9th Nov

My dear readers, if u r are interested in any of this please contact me. Will try my best to get it for u. Please do share the tentative stamps issued for ur country too.