Sorry for the late updates. The main reason being I dont have a camera now. My sister has took it to UK leaving me with nothing to update my blog. Dont worry, I've decided to get a scanner hence providing all my readers with beautiful covers, stamps, postcards and also FDC that i received from all over the world. I've received numerous covers, postcards and not forgetting my first posted FDC from Vietnam. Big thanks to my dear friend, Le Phu Can. However, the quality of the picture was average thanks to a borrowed camera from my beloved fiance...

Info on the FDC:

On the 5th of February 2009, the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) issues the stampset: “Centenary of Nguyễn Khuyến's Death (15/2/1835 - 5/2/1909)”consisting of 01 value of 2,000d.

Nguyễn Khuyến is the famous Vietnamese Confucian Scholar, poet and teacher living in 19th century. Nguyễn Khuyến, real name is Nguyễn Thắng, was born on 15th February 1835 in his mother-in-law hometown Văn Khế village, Hoàng Xá commune, Bình Lục district, Hà Nam province.

He is a well-known person of high intelligence and knowledge. In 1864, he passed the Cử nhân degree (Giải Nguyên) at the first rate in Hà Nội. one year later, unfortunately, he failed Hội examination that was why he lived in Hanoi to learn in Quốc Tử Giám (National University). Unstoppable, he continued to endeavor. Furthermore, to remind himself in iron discipline and mobilize himself, he changed his given name from Nguyễn Thắng to Nguyễn Khuyến. In Vietnamese language, Thắng only means success or victory but Khuyến has a stronger meaning that is inspiration or stimulation; Thắng is the result but Khuyến is the way toward result. After six years of exertion, he passed the Hội Nguyên degree and the Đình Nguyên degree continuously in only one year 1871. This case has been very rare throughout history, so people gave him an honorable name "Tam Nguyên Yên Đổ" (Yên Đổ's first-rate graduate in three times).

The more disadvantages he met in his life, the more talented he became in his writing. He was the hyphen between classical literature and modern literature. He was both a prominent lyric poet and an outstanding satirical poet. He reached the peak of Nôm letter's literature. He was the first Vietnamese poet who put realism opinions in classicism poems. He died on 5th February 1909 in his hometown Yên Đổ.


p.s: Dear Can, hope u like the registered cover with Dragon Fish Stamps I send u...


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