Thanks Mike for a very beautiful postcard from USA. Hope to hear more from u. Mayb a friendly trade on stamps and FDCs?
PS: Again, sorry for d late post... Will try not 2 let it happen again...


Cheema said...

Hello from Pakistan!
Happy Postcard-Crossing Friendship!!!

You have a very nice collection here.

I am Cheema from Pakistan. I am a new postcrosser at site. I have also made a couple of beautiful blogs promoting my hobbies and sharing my collection.

My postcrossing's profile can be seen at:

At the moment, I am interested in Blog link exchange. If interested, you can add my blog to your postcrossers list and leave me a message at or leave a comment on my blog

I am also interested in swapping postcards with world UNESCO heritage site from your country. Can you send me any such card? At the moment (25 Apr 2009), I donot have any UNESCO site card from anywhere so all are welcome. Afterwards it will be selected cards which I would be missing. If its possible please send me the name of the site in your message and we can go ahead with our swap.

In return I can send you a nice postcard with beautiful landscape or UNESCO heritage sites from Pakistan - which I think will be a nice addition in your collection?

So are you interested....???

Waiting anxiously for your kind reply
Best Regards
Yours Cheema

ronny said...

Dear Cheema,
Have u 4gotten me... Im Ronny... rmbr u actually reserve a church FDC 4 me... m actually preparing to trade wif u.. trying to get as many stamps and fdc on ur themes.. lol..

btw, ur link is ad in my blog


postcard printing said...

Really such a sweet and little card and it is full of love and I love all his segments. Very gorgeous card! Thanks for the inspiration and have a blessed day! Thanks for sharing.