Christian Cover

Thanks Matteo for this very beautiful Christian cover. This is a really good example of thematic covers. However, it would have been even better if the cover was hand canceled. For cover collectors, hand cancellation is a very important element we focused on. Nway, its still a great cover 4 me and will certainly b in my Christian cover collection.

Olympic Cover

I have been very bz wif work for the past weeks, hence m rather far behind when it comes to updating my blog. Really sorry to disapoint my readers. Im certainly trying my best to update my blog as frequently as possible. Sorry Matteo for the late post and hope u dont mind Im posting both your covers at the same time. Above is another thematic cover featuring Olympic stamps. Magnificient stamps, my fren. Cant thank u enough and hope u can get the MNH complete set me. LOL... OMG, Im definitely greddy when it comes to stamps..

Also included was unexpected SUPRISES by Matteo, a set of very beautiful bird stamps MNH complete set (1995) and 2 very beautiful mint postcards.

MNH Stamps


PS: Dear Matteo, just cant thank u enough and looking 4ward to more friendly trades with u... always ready 2 help u with Malaysian stamps.


Matteo said...

I'm glad you liked my stuff. :-)