It was the biggest shock ever. I was paired with Uncle Veeraghavan in a Cover Round Robin and it marks the start of a long lasting relationship. Ive received so much from Uncle Veeraghavan that for the first time, I'm finding difficulty in posting all the materials send to me. HAHAHA!!!!

I seriously hope u like all the materials I send u too. I've prepared more materials for u and hope u will like them too.

St Alphonsa FDC

This is something I would like 2 highlight. Putting the stamp on the information sheet and cancel it? This is certainly very very creative and innovative. Thanks alot for enlightening me on wat can b done to the information sheet. HAHAHA!

The St. Alphosa FDC is truly an asset to my Christian Collection. However, am abit disappointed that there's a pen mark on the stamp (left side). Nway, still like the FDC alot and thanks for helping me grow my Christian collection.

Registered Cover

I certainly love this registered cover for it is franked with a high value definitive bird stamp (Asiatic Paradise Flycatcher). I love this stamp alot and its not easy to get one on a cover. Again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.


Both these covers are from the Cover Round Robin in MP and the start of a great and long lasting relationship with Uncle Veeraghavan. Uncle has also send me MNH complete sets of birds, Christian churches, and also Olympic stamps from India. There is just too many that I dont think I can post all of them. HAHAHA! OMG, I think Ive never laugh so much...

I think by now, my dear readers would understand my title... Dear Uncle, I simply cant thank u enough for all the help and advices along the way. THANK YOU!!!