Jun 14, 2009

Cover and FDC From USA

Illinois FDC

What a beautiful FDC? Simplicity is the key here. This certainly will b an asset in my Bird Collection. Thanks alot Jean-Claude.


Yet another beautiful cover from Jean-Claude. Love the Simpson stamps on the cover (Homer and Marge) and most of all the complete strip. I know I'm certainly going off track but just cant help it... For God sake, its THE SIMPSONS!!!!

MNH Strip Complete Set

From left, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Truly, my all time favorite. HAHAHA!!! Check them out: http://www.thesimpsons.com/index.html

Thanks Jean-Claude for yet another beautiful surprise and sorry for the late post again. Ive received your other cover with the Tanzania Bird stamps and they are simply superb too. Will post it asap. Looking 4ward to more friendly trades with u.