Here, I would like to showcase some of the Christian Philatelic materials I received from Uncle Veeraghavan. They are simply lovely. Yet again, I hope you like the materials Ive send you.

Dear readers, though Christianity is one of my main themes beside birds and Olympics, Im only focus on Christian Philatelic materials that depict Churches and People who have contributed to the Christian World (eg. Pope, Bishop, Mother Theresa). Please let me know if any of my readers have duplicates and would like to have a friendly trades.


A very beautiful Maxicard from Grenada 1973.

Sacred Heart Church FDCLOL... My second Sacred Heart FDC. One of my personal favourite as the stamp depicts the church itself. Dont think I need to add anything. Please refer to this post:

Christian Covers

Three Lovely covers that depict Christian Stamps from Lithuania and Australia. Hope to get more covers depicting churches. LOL, showing my GREDDY side yet again.

PS: Dear Uncle, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for helping me with Collection. Hopefully, I can help you grow your lovely collection too.