Aug 9, 2009


Dear readers, as philatelist, Im sure all of us have face this kind of problems especially for Cover Collectors. Here, I would like to show some covers which are very very beautiful yet destroyed due to the carelessness of Postal Service staffs. I truly understand that these damages are NOT done intentionally, yet I feel pain when I received these covers. The efforts put to prepare a beautiful cover, hoping to surprise the recipients, and finally ending up like this. That's PAIN for me.

These are the damaged covers I received recently. Its a heartache yet I have to accept the fact, nothing comes easy in life, even covers.

Cover From Bangladesh

A beautiful registered cover from Bangladesh. Please focus on the circled area. Stamp has been damaged.

Covers From India

Two beautiful covers damaged due to registration sticker. This is sad for the sticker is put directly on the stamps. Even worst, on all the stamps (1st cover).

Posted FDC From Mauritius

This is a classic and the hardest for me to accept. A very beautiful Registered Posted FDC destroyed by the registration sticker again. OMG, its really sad to see beautiful materials destroyed due to carelessness of postal authorities. I really hope and pray this will come to an end soon. Please try to understand our LOVE for PHILATELY.


SP said...

dear friend,
those covers posted by me were booked by my wife at her post office. the registered bar code labels might have given way and then stuck on the stamps by some one else. any way i have given her suitable guidance.
regards veeraraghavan

ronny said...

Dear Uncle,

Not a problem. these happens often and i have many covers that are damaged. I just randomly chose a few. Anyway, your materials are of the highest quality and I appreciate them alot.

looking forward to have more friendly exchanges with u.

thanks and regards,