Today, I would like to take this opportunity to blog about another Philately Blog that has caught my attention alot. My Cool Cover Collection belongs to a fellow philatelist from Pakistan by the name of Cheema. Cheema's detailed write up about his collection has truly amazed me. His knowledge on Philately is really astonishing.

One of my favorite post would be Pakistan FDC: Athens Olympic 2004. Obviously, its because Olympic is one of my themes. Moreover, I love the details mentioned. Cheema not only stressed on the details of the cover but also the event itself. That's what I call a great post.

Besides all that, what impresses me most is that Cheema has always come up with great ideas to spice up the world of Philately. Many argued that Philately is a dying hobby but with efforts from philatelist like Cheema, I'm sure PHILATELY will always be the NO 1 hobby in the world.