Competition? Yes, as I mentioned in my previous post, Cheema is truly adding SPICE to the world of PHILATELY. On behalf of all philatelist, thanks my friend, Cheema for all the efforts.

The main purpose of this competition is to thank everyone who visits his blog and enjoys reading it. The details on the competition can be found here:

I personally think this is a great idea to add some fun to the world of Philately and not forgetting Blogging. Im sure more philatelist around the world will be very interested with Cheema's blogs. Yes, its not a typo error. Cheema has 3 fabulous blogs:

  1. My Cool Cover Collection
  2. I Love to Swap, Do you too?
  3. My Cool Postcard Collection
All 3 are very interesting blogs. Do enjoy them but please dont forget my humble blog. LOL