Dear friends, here are samples of Hand Drawn Bird Covers that I came up over the weekend and send them to myself. Thanks to inspiration from Karan and Edward, I decided to come up with hand drawn covers using Definitive Stamps. I realized many philatelist tend to overlook the beauty of definitive stamps. Even cover collectors don't really like to have Definitive on their cover. Though my drawing is rather amateur, I still love them a lot. Checkout the cancellation date, 29th August 2009. Its the date of birth of the King of POP, MICHAEL JACKSON...

More will be coming soon. If anyone love to have one from me, please drop me a mail. But be warned, I aint Picaso.. LOL


Kasinath said..., this is truly great.

what a cover to have. I never know Karan would draw/pain so realistic.

Itz so beautiful.

congrats on having friends like him.

ronny said...

Dear friend,
above are covers I drew myself with inspiration from Karan and Edward... though im still far from them, but i truly enjoyed the experience hand drawing my own covers...


SP said...


taking much efforts in the bird area. really fantastic. show more of those things. reserve some thing for me also


ronny said...

Dear Uncle Veeraghavan,
Thanks for the compliments. No worries... will surely reserve some for u.. tats for sure. tc