Thank You, Alex for these very beautiful Bird Postmarks from USA. It was really a pleasant surprise to get these beautiful postmarks that relates to my themes. Can't seem to thank you enough. Anyway, the highlight of this post would be the cover used to send the postmarks.

Cover (Front)


As you all can see the cover was opened for KKDN (Ministry of Security Affairs) check. The second pictures shows the back of the cover with the signature of the officer. Too bad he/she didn't include his/her name. I'm truly shocked to see this and wasn't sure on what was the purpose of the check. Would definitely like some comment from my readers on this.

Bird Postmarks

Above are the beautiful bird postmarks from USA. They are simply lovely and hope to have more postmarks from all over the world. OMG.. I can be so greedy sometimes, or mayb most of the time. LOL


veeraraghavan said...

dear ronny,
try to get stamps that relate to the bird post marks as shown above. it is an advantage for your album and for your exhibits.

2. generally the customs officials at times open the foreign letters and see whether there is any objectionable contents. so it is natural and expectable one. in my case many times it has happened. generally they see such articles and let it pass on for clearance, in most cases. use "philatelic material - do not bend " on your cover., so that it will pass on peacefully without any many times it happens for many articles. so do not worry. when they open it, they will generally mark it like " customs check " with signature of the officer who attends the mail bags. In the post office room located in airport, there is a customs bench where all the postal bags are opened. so do not feel much about it. veeraraghavan

Firstdaycover said...

Check for value items?