Dear friends,

As a start I would like to share the Malaysia's Stamp Issues Schedule for 2010. This is the latest update to the schedule and if any of my readers are interested with any issue, do drop me a mail prior to the issue date. As always, I will be glad to have friendly exchanges. LOL...

Theme Date Issue
Malaysian Currency 18.01.10
Malaysia-Korea Joint Issue (Tiger) 23.02.10
Ferns 10.03.10
Local Markets 23.03.10
Medical Excellence 26.04.10
Annual Stamp Album 2009 10.05.10
Firefly 10.05.10
Malayan Railways 22.06.10
Definitive Stamp-New Tariff 01.07.10
Threatened habitats 15.07.10
Gallant Warrior 31.07.10
Traditional Festive Food 10.08.10
Orang Asli Lifestyle 27.09.10
Post Office 09.10.10
Pahang Heritage 24.10.10
Malaysia-Iran Joint Issue 10.11.10

* The issues in RED have already been issued whereas the rest will be issued as dated. Take note that issue dates can be postponed from time to time.