Jun 8, 2010


The 2010 National Stamp Competition will be held on 19 & 20 June 2010 at MBPJ Library in conjunction with Petaling Jaya City Day. Besides the Stamp Exhibition, as usual we will have Clifford, Abdullah, Govin, and other dealers taking up tables. Hopefully, we will have more dealers this time around. In addition, PSM will have a Stamp Auction on the 20th June (10am). I truly hope all my readers will support the event and really hope to meet you all there.

Sadly, I'm not participating. Really dissapointed but I couldnt do much as there was just so much commitment and catching up to do after marriage and a new job. Hahaha. Hopefully, I will be participating next year (fingers cross).

Some photos of the very successful MyStampShow2009. Please enjoy:

Gold Medal

President of PSM, Mr Nathan and Mr.Tay Peng Hian

Mr.Tay Peng Hian judging the exhibits

Mr.Tay Peng Hian and Mr Mak

Visitors enjoying the exhibits