Pos Malaysia will raise its domestic postal rates for the first time in 18 years beginning 1st July 2010.

The price for stamps for standard mail weighing up to 20g will be revised from 30 sen to 60 sen, and for mail weighing up to 50g, from 40 sen to 70 sen.

Group managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Syed Faisal Albar Datuk Syed Faisal Albar said the continuous decline in public mail volume over the past years prompted Pos Malaysia to take various measures to contain costs while maintaining productivity.

"This has affected our ability to adjust the low salaries of our postmen and counter clerks, which are 19% lower than their government counterparts," Syed Faisal said in a statement Tuesday.

He also assured customers that Pos Malaysia would continue to seek ways to improve its efficiency, standard of service and reliability.

The increase in price will also affect non-standard mail below 100g, periodicals, PosDokumen, registered mail and parcels below 2kg.

Oopps... This means it will be more expensive to exchange covers. LOL. No worries, my friends. This will not stop me from having more friendly exchanges as I have always believe that our friendly exchanges definitely brings more than mere philatelic materials. It brings us together and that's more important for me.

Source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/4/6/nation/20100406220613&sec=nation



dear ronny,
how are you ? it is not strange. here the fee for registration of international mail was revised up ward to Rs. 50 INR from Rs. 15 INR last most. it is more than 2 times. so it shows that the cost of mailing goes up every where. as philatelist, we should not bother about this.


ronny said...

Dear Uncle,

Im doing fine here. Having a great life with Pamela.

No worries, the hike will not stop me. As i always say, the friendship philately brings is priceless hence a hike in postage rate will definitely not be barrier for me. hahaha

will be going to the stamp fair this week. Hope to find some good materials there.


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