MS of the KTM train issue was SOLD OUT at 9.40 am on Tuesday (22-06-2010). Sadly, i didn't manage to get any as I had to attend a meeting in Sheraton Imperial. By the time the meeting was over, everything was sold out. Thankfully, I have good friends in Vera and Dino who was more than willing to spare me some. Though I only manage to get 1 set but I'm just happy to have good friends like them.

What disturbs me most is the trend of philately in Malaysia; is philately becoming more of a Business Trade rather than a mere hobby for relaxation? Frankly, I cant blame or point fingers because from the point of business philately is a GOOD Investment.

Why you may ask? All this boils down to the fact that philatelist are chained to the obsession of getting the perfect set. Can you bear it if the ms was missing in your collection? Definitely NO. Would u get the ms even if the price is SKY HIGH? NO!!!! Think again my friends... Deep down, we will definitely get it for we need it to be in our collection. Its just that simple.

Sadly, Business people has exploited this hence reflecting the current scenario. I'm sure this is not only a problem in Malaysia but all over the world. Do correct me if I'm wrong.

By getting it in bulk, I will be able to sell the same ms price RM3 from RM3.50-RM4 and that is about 40% of the face value. Moreover, if you sell them in ebay. We are talking about USD. hahaha.

SO the ROI??? Definitely i don't have to talk about this now as its clear you will get a good ROI though at times it takes longer time. But what the heck, a good ROI is always GOOD!!!

Though its sad to see philately has become more of a investment rather than a hobby, I'm sure there are still many genuine philatelist. We are at no position to criticize others. I guess we just ought to do what we think is right but I definitely hope that Pos Malaysia will come out with some sort of process to ensure that "Investor" are limited to buy a certain amount based on the ratio of issued number.

My dear readers, all comments are welcomed. Please note that these are only my humble opinion and do correct me if I'm wrong.


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該方案是一樣的澳門,特別是對熱點問題,如10年澳門回歸祖國 ....它讓我感到難過


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