Pos Malaysia Berhad will be issuing the new Garden Flower National Definitives which will reflect the tariff increase on 1st July 2010. This will be a very interesting issue as most hard core Malaysian collector will add this issue to their original Garden Flower collection.

With this issue, the original Bird definitives will be finally replaced. This is definitely a sad part for me as I am a Bird stamp collector and moreover I love to collect varieties of Malaysian Bird definitives. I guess this is normal in philately. To be frank, I was quitely hoping that Malaysia will continue to use the bird definitives with new tariff ovpt. That would definitely add some spice to the national birds series collectors. LOL...

With the new tariff, four new denomination will be introduced; 60sen, 70sen, 80sen, and 90 sen. The whole set of 8v will be RM6.80 whereas the cover is 30sen. OMG, philately is truly getting expensive in Malaysia now. I guess we Malaysian have indulged in low postage rates over the years and its time to get real now. HAHAHA!

MNH Stamps


PS: If anyone is interested in this issue, do drop me a mail. As usual, I would like materials regarding Eagles preferably postal stationeries and postmarks.