Jul 12, 2010

Birdpex 2010 - Antwerp

Birdpex is a dream for all bird stamp collectors. Sadly, Ive not been to one and again Ive missed the chance of attending this year's Birdpex in Belgium. My dear friend, Holger has invited me to come over but Im really sorry I couldnt make it. Hope to be there for the next one.

However, to my suprise, I got some lovely gifts from Antwerp. Please enjoy this lovely souvenirs from Birdpex 2010. They are so lovely; its to die for...

Posted FDC

Posted Cover with Official Birdpex ATM Label and cancellation

Posted Cover with Official Birdpex ATM Label

A lovely set of Official Maxicards

A Little Info:

BIRDPEX 6 is the sixth bird-only stamp show. It is an international stamp exhibition “birds” that is held every four years. After Christchurch(New Zealand, 1990), Rosenheim (Germany, 1994), London (England, 1998), Leek (the Netherlands, 2002) and Nørresundby (Denmark, 2006) while this year it was held in Antwerp (Belgium, 2010).

This exhibition is open for every bird stamp exhibitor, beginner or advanced collector. Not only exhibits of thematic philately are invited, but also maximaphily, postal history, traditional philately, open class and one frame.

Together with BIRDPEX also the international FEPA and national stamp exhibition ANTVERPIA 2010 took place from 9th to 12th of April 2010 in Antwerp Expo.

PS: I just cant thank you enough my dear friend and hope to be personally there next time.