Finally, the truth unveiled and yes, POS Malaysia did collaborate with Kaspersky to issue this special booklet. Checkout the article I got from theStar dated 8th December 2009.

Snapshot from theStar

I guess the image below speaks for itself.

From left) Director of TechLane Resources Sdn Bhd CH Tan, chief operating officer of PosNiaga Datuk Mearia Hamzah, Philatelic Society of Malaysia president VT Nathan and Cheung with the set of stamps.

Though its finally proven to be a collaboration between Kaspersky and POS Malaysia but there is definitely an uneasy feeling among Malaysian philatelist. The most intriguing thing here is that most PSM members are not aware of this issue. How can this be when our President Mr VT Nathan was there to launch the booklet. Something's wrong somewhere....

This booklet is still very ambiguous and there are just so many controversial matters surrounding this particular issue. However, I definitely believe with the right price, its a good item to have in a Malaysian Collection but for me, sorry; just not my type. Come on, using the same stamps with a different booklet? That's rather lame if you ask me.

I would love to know if this sort of scenarios do happen in your country. Appreciate comments and feedbacks.